The Cable Wars: How Do You Choose?

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 8:39pm

Choosing a cable company can be a little intimidating. Aggressive media campaigns and advertisements outline the superior services of one company, then immediately, a celebrity details the lost cost bundling packages of different one.

With so many claims, how can you choose the best company for your needs? The constant barrage of pricing, service, and contract rhetoric is bewildering at best, and oftentimes leads to a “just pick one” attitude.

However, making your cable selection doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. By investigating each option, you can make an informed choice and avoid any shocking disappointments or surprising charges.


Most companies offer introductory rates that increase after six months, but others, like Comcast cable TV give great introductory rates for the first year for new subscribers. A two-year contract is pretty standard, however, so make sure you understand the rate for the remaining contract time, and budget your entertainment accordingly.

Also, search for company that provides at least a 30-day money back guarantee, that way you can be assured that your cable company choice, perfectly fits want you want.


Investigate the selection as well. Depending on the programming you’re interested in, you’ll want to check the package line up. Premium sport channels, movies, news, and other options can vary per price, so when choosing a company, make sure that you compare “apples to apples”.

A certain service provider may offer a better package price, but if it doesn’t include your favorite channels, it’s a waste of time and money. Check movie channels too, some are only included free for the first few months.

Service and Features

This aspect in the cable wars can be confusing because of all the assertions out there. Your programming will only be as good as the service and features you receive. Does the company offer digital streaming to your TV and computer? Do they have a solid reputation for dependability?

With expanding technology, many providers, like Comcast cable TV, offer high-definition, high-speed access to all your favorite programming, movies, etc.

Look for:

• HD services
• DVR service
• Mobil apps for your smart phone
• Equipment set-up and installation
• Handy user guides

You can also find out what customers are saying about the company on different consumer sites, and from testimonials posted by current subscribers.

Community Outreach

This may not come to mind immediately, but companies who invest in the communities they serve provide valuable resources, and have a stake in their customer’s quality of living.

Often local or national cable providers, such as Comcast cable TV, partner with non-profit agencies, giving free access to technology, volunteering time, and contributing generously; making a difference in the neighborhoods and lives of the community they serve.

Choosing the right cable provider can seem like a challenge, but by knowing what you want, and with a little comparison and investigation, you can be sure to sign with a reliable company that will meet your needs and provide great service.  


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