How Important is Fuel Efficiency to Your Family?

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 6:25pm

With the rise in fuel prices, buying a car that gives good mileage is important when you want to build your savings.

Most families in the country are living on a single source of income, and when an emergency comes up, they have to rely on loans or sell precious belongings. Car owners like to save on gas expense so they can save money for the coming years. To handle unexpected situations when it comes to transportation, the best bet is to buy a reliable car that gives you better gas mileage. There are different types of vehicle manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota that make popular vehicles that have good fuel economy, and are also affordable to maintain.

Did you know heavier vehicles use more gas? 

The U.S. Department of Energy states that for every 100 pounds, a car’s fuel economy drops by about 2 percent. Considering the rising cost of gas prices in the country, just driving a heavy vehicle is an added expense these days. So what do we do to cut gas expense in our budget to have more money for other things?

Buy a fuel efficient vehicle that lets you save money for other things.

For example, you can usually get better mileage from a Honda Odyessey minivan as compared to the heavier models engineered by Ford or GMC. Most American brands use a lot of steel and heavy plastics, and thus consume more fuel when it takes you around. 

Honda Odyssey at Jean Knows Cars is more fuel efficient as compared to American minivan manufacturers. It is possible to save up to $1,700/year or more on fuel when you drive this type of vehicle versus something else. This model of minivan uses less steel, lighter plastic and has computerized monitoring, which makes it a better option as compared to other makes and models. Due to its lighter weight and hi-tech features the Odyssey manages to be a serious contender in the minivan segment and is fast gaining market share. 

Things to look for when shopping for a fuel efficient car are:

  • Low fuel consumption with at least 18 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the freeway
  • Powerful engine that put outs a good HP and torque
  • High resale value
  • Practical and functional appearance
  • Also keep in mind that having properly inflated tires helps out on fuel efficiency

Besides fuel efficiency and hi-tech features, something else to look for is savings on insurance. Though not all insurance companies offer a discounted rate for insurance, fuel efficiency may also signify a safer newer vehicle with all of the safety bells and whistles. Some insurance companies offer discounts for additional safety features and better fuel economy.

So by making some good vehicle purchase decisions, you can significantly save money on your fuel.


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