With the Purity of a Snow Blanket, Lay White Roses on Her Pillow

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 3:55pm

White roses are symbolic of the love you feel for her. Their purity and innocence are reminders of the essence of a newly fallen snow.

Soul and spirit radiate from the depths of these flowers, symbolizing that your love goes beyond physicality to a greater depth of passion. These roses are a token of love and devotion equal to the wholesomeness of the love you feel for her. And they can reassure her that your love is as pure as the first moment you declared your passion.

The white rose is heaven’s flower as it holds the essences of the quintessential purity, innocence, and reverence of an angel clad in white regalia. It reflects the unblemished and immaculateness of the relationship you share with her.

Said with less flowery language –they’re special and they’re different. And where and when you give them can add even more.
By laying white roses on her bed pillow, it is a declaration of the freshness and newness of your life together. As you place them one by one, think of a new way to say, I love you, I respect you, I appreciate everything you do, every day.

These beautiful flowers affirm your undying loyalty and faithfulness to the one you love. When you cover her pillow with white roses like a blanket of snow, you stimulating your relationship with a refreshing announcement of love that itself refreshes. Every woman wants to know that love is still alive between her and her partner. Sit down and whisper in her ear, all the meanings you had in wanting to give them to her and see her hold them.

You cannot go wrong with white blossoms as she will be uplifted and cheered by the gesture of your faithful love. Like footsteps in the snow, the path and direction of your love is instantly clear. These flowers simply symbolize the brightness of life and the lightness of a feather indicating that the relationship is not a melancholic or burdensome one.

Make her feel like a bride again, glowing in the meaning of your wedding day. She will feel as though she is walking down the aisle once more to join herself to the man of her dreams, knowing that he will cherish and admire her for the rest of their lives together.

Love is meant to soar above the clouds, touching the magic boundaries of heaven and constantly invigorated by radiating energy. Who will ever tire of continuous affection and adoration for the rest of their live, if that treasure is handled with deft, gentle, subtle touches.

The white rose announces that your love for her is not a fleeting or quickly passing romance, but one that will stand strong against the challenges of life with the passing of time. These roses symbolize purity, spirituality, and strength.

It is not every rose that can announce the steadfast dedication and appreciation you have for her. In some religions, the white rose denotes the Holy Trinity. Further, these flowers imply the significant value of a love that surpasses the body and embraces the spiritual elements that bond together twin souls.

In depth, the white rose epitomizes the act of rebirth of the soul as it passes from this world to a spiritual realm where love exists in a bountiful supply. By blanketing her pillows or bathtub, or new car with these snow-like flowers, you remind your beloved she is still the personification of your ideal woman. When she lays her head on a pillow, holding those roses, she will feel as though she is relaxing on a white cloud, enveloped in tenderness and passion from the one who holds her at night. 


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