On the Road to Fun With Your Travel Trailer

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 9:50pm

You're ready to hit the road in your travel trailer. But where to go? Instead of the same old trip, consider trying something different. What type of RV or travel trailer do you have? And what does your typical road trip consist of?

Need ideas? Change up the mileage of your normal trip. If you're used to long road trips, try a local vacation within 50 miles from home. If short trips are your norm, pick a destination several hundred miles away. In either case, your driving style will be tested and you'll get a chance to see something completely different.

Open up that trailer and get it aired out. This is a great time to restock everything, wash the windows and replace those old balding and patched tires with Michelin tires from discount tire. Take a few minutes to call your insurance agent and make sure your coverage is up to date.

Be Curious

At most bookstores you will find books on road trip curiosities. These are the out of the way places that you may never see unless you are looking for them. Many small towns have something they are "known" for. The world's largest ball of twine. Or frying pan. The last place where Lewis and Clark camped. Plan a circular route and scout out all of the curiosities you can find in that area. Make sure to take a camera with you!

The Fishing Trip

Find a camping spot near the lake to park the RV and spend the day fishing. There are other ways to relax and have some fun, too. Bird watching, kite flying, remote controlled airplanes and skateboard parks, all activities that you can find close to your RV camping spot.

It's a Capital Idea

Have you ever visited your state's capital building? How about buildings that hold the city or county seat government? There is always beautiful, old architecture in the state capital areas. A road trip that has the goal of hitting several of these places can be fun and memorable. Pick up some souvenirs while you're there.

Who Wants BBQ?

Take a trip in your travel trailer across the country with the goal of sampling our country's finest diners. Choose a food style like barbeque and try different offerings along the way. If you're computer savvy, create a travel blog and post your results as you go. People are always eager to know what someone else's experiences are on the road. BBQ suggestion: Lockhart, TX. 

RV Play Date

There are several RV shows held around the country each year. Plan a trip to one of these shows. There are often parking grounds set up for RV travelers, which gives you the chance to meet with fellow road warriors.

Go Part of the Way

Have you yearned to do a long road trip but dread the drive back? Some companies rent RVs one-way in order to move their inventory around the country. You can drive to that far away destination, enjoy your time, then fly back and relax. 


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