Tips for Seniors on Deciding to Go Mobile or Keep Home Phone

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 8:44pm

Deciding to keep a home phone service can be a tough decision. There are numerous factors to consider before making the choice to give up a home phone service and just go mobile. Many companies provide do still provide land-line home phone service. The same ones, and more, provide cell phone access.

The first point to consider is that 911 operators use home phones to tell exactly where you are in an emergency. Mobile phones do not have that ability. In an emergency where you cannot speak or speak clearly enough to tell the operator where you are, when you are using a home phone they can find you and emergency services can be sent to your location.

Being able to reach emergency services when you need them can really add to peace of mind. A Comcast phone service provider and many other firms can make sure you are connected.

When the power is out home, phones still work as they do not depend on electricity to function. Even though a cell phone may work for a while eventually the battery will go dead and without power to recharge it is useless. In severe storms the cell towers can become damaged limiting the use of the mobile phone.

One big reason to keep a home phone service is it will be there if you lose your mobile phone. Home phone service will be there when your mobile phone is in for service or it you forget to charge it. Repairs to cell phones can take several days and if you lose your phone it is like starting all over.

Home security systems need a home phone service to connect directly with the police or fire department. Having that is important for many people. In today's world it is not uncommon to have family members scattered around the country. With a home phone service there are regional or national calling plans which allow you to talk as long and as often as you would like.

Cell phones do not always work well inside of a house. The calls can drop or not connect correctly. Worse is the garbled conversations that happen when cell reception is not good. With some homes it is necessary to take the phone outside to get good reception. That is only a good thing when the weather is really good and you want to be outside.

The decision to keep a home phone service should be looked at from many angles not just the additional expense of having two phones.  AT & T and Comcast phone service providers as well as others can set you with a home phone service that will provide the service you need.  


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