The Varied Opportunities that an Interior Design Degree Offers

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 3:26pm

Interior design is about more than picking a nice paint color or putting a cushion on a chair, so anyone who is serious about getting into the profession should consider getting a degree before looking for a job.

A California interior design degree can help potential designers learn not only about what it takes to create great interiors, but also about other aspects of running a business such as customer care and budgeting.

What can I learn from a California interior design degree?

An interior design degree gives you the skills you need to put together a well thought out and stylish living space, but it also teaches you the skills needed to run a successful business and build relationships with clients.

Many courses offer the chance to study in a practical way through group projects, placements with qualified designers and in some cases overseas study so you can learn about international design.
Most courses also focus on current trends within the industry such as sustainability and socially responsible design.

What can I do with a California interior design degree?

An interior design degree does not mean you necessarily have to become a designer who works in people’s homes.

Many interior designers use their skills, not to permanently redesign people’s homes, but to help them sell them. This work known as home staging focuses on making private houses look well presented before they go on the market or by furnishing show homes for developers. As a home stager you may have a small budget to work with or you may have to work with existing furniture and décor.

A more flamboyant interior designer might like to turn their skills to set design. Set design and interior design involve many of the same concepts. Set designers work to create certain moods or styles on a television, film or theatre set in a similar way that interior designers create them in private houses. Set designers are often asked to create period settings so this type of job would especially suit an interior designer who also had an interest in art and design history.

Interior designers who are particularly interested in the first stages of planning and designing a new space may like to position themselves as a specialist concept artist. While many interior designers draw their own plans, some use a concept artist to draw the preliminary sketches and either by hand or using a computer program.

Even the field of interior design itself is varied and always developing with focus shifting as society changes. A California interior design degree can help you learn the skills you need to progress in this industry.   


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