Why 'What Have You Got To Hide?' Misses the Point When it Comes to Internet Privacy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 6:46pm

Wanting Internet privacy has nothing to do with hiding any faction of your business or personal transactions over the Internet. When you hide something you conceal it or intend to keep it a secret; when you desire privacy you desire to not be intruded upon.

When using the Internet for personal or business reasons it can be impossible to hide information because it is required for most of your Internet browsing. Internet privacy refers to personal information used over the Internet and desiring security so that the information remains safe. Internet privacy deals with security levels of websites so that information is protected.

The desire for Internet privacy is strong for both individuals and businesses because much of the information that passes through websites is sensitive data and should be treated as such. Credit card transactions, bill paying transactions, and banking transactions are available using the Internet but in order to do those transactions sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and home addresses must be provided. Generally speaking you would not want your private information to fall into the wrong hands because the fraud that you would incur could be life destroying.

When you use the Internet it makes good sense to make efforts to protect your safety, your private information, your communications methods, your computer equipment, and your Internet preferences. It’s good to stay ahead of the curve, if possible. People find new ways to use and manipulate information every day. It’s about choices and the desire to maintain the ability to make them.

The desire for privacy is the complete opposite of hiding information. “What have you got to hide?” and the desire for Internet privacy are polar opposites. Internet privacy for you or your business starts with a good virus protection program on your personal computer or telephone, a malware program. It gets deeper by being cautious on websites that seem suspicious or avoiding them all together, or using an EPL - Ethernet Privacy Line.

The EPL industry is growing by leaps and bounds and businesses are taking advantage of what it has to offer because Internet transactions include so many different variables that require personal information. For businessmen, wanting your business to be able to perform consistently and desiring security for your customers just makes good business sense. It’s not about “having something to hide” when desiring Internet privacy for your business, personal use, or telephone service; it is about taking advantage of all the options out there that will protect you, and your Internet privacy.


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