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The audition will take place at:
    Five Star Furniture
    60 MacArthur Drive
    Alexandria, La.  71303

  • Registration begins Saturday, June 30, at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m.
  • Auditions begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.
  • Be prepared to sing a cappella one verse and one chorus of a song that will
       last approximately 30-60 seconds.
  • You will be ranked on a judging scale by a panel of judges.
  • The top ten ranked singers will compete in the Final in Alexandria Mall on
        Saturday, July 7th.  Details will be forthcoming after the audition.
  • The winner will be chosen among the ten finalists competing in the final.



Stop by the following locations to pick up registration forms and rules prior to the audition day.

  • In Alexandria, at Five Star Furniture, 60 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, La., 71303, or 
  • In Natchez, at FOX 48's Natchez office, 26 Colonel John Pitchford Parkway, Natchez, Miss., 39120
Register online by using the form below (see Online Registration Option).  This form will assist our station staff to expedite your paperwork quickly on the day of the audition.  Please make sure to bring identification with you on the audition day to complete the form.
Click the PDF file in the link posted at the end of this page (see Downloads).  Print the form in the options inside your brower window.  Fill out the form at your convenience, and bring the form along with proper identification on the audition day.

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Register online by using the form below. Follow all instructions explicitly.  Please use proper capitalization and grammatical marks when necessary.

Red asterisk (*) denotes a required field to fill out.

Once you click Submit, the form will be delivered to us.  The form will be available and ready for you to finalize at the audition location on the audition day.  The form will assist station staff to complete your registration more quickly on the audition day.  You must still bring proof of identification (age and local residency) and sign the completed online form on the audition day to be officially registered for the contest.

(Note: If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must be with you at the audition in order to compete.  On the audition day, you along with your parent/legal guardian will complete your online registration and provide proof of age and local residency.)

Registration Closed

No new registrations accepted.

Official Rules

FOX 48's Cenla Idol
2012 Contest Rules and Regulations

 Cenla Idol is open to individuals or vocal groups who meet the criteria as determined by WNTZ-TV
   and as determined by American Idol audition guidelines found at
 You must be able to prove through government-issued photo ID, passport, or birth certificate at the
   time of your registration and audition that:
   • You are a legal U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident who is eligible to work full-time in the
      United States; and
   • You maintain legal residence in the WNTZ-TV FOX 48 viewing area. This area includes the
      o Parishes in Louisiana: Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Sabine, Rapides,
      o Counties in Mississippi: Adams.
   • You are 15-28 years old as of June 5, 2012. If you don’t meet this age criteria, you are not
      eligible to participate.
      o Contestants Under 18 Years of Age: If you will be under 18 years of age on the day you
         register and/or audition, your parent and/or legal guardian must accompany you to the
         registration and audition. In addition, your parent or legal guardian must also bring
         government-issued photo ID. If you are accompanied by a legal guardian, as opposed to a
         parent, your legal guardian must bring proof of guardianship (e.g., a court order).
 A written acknowledgement and release of your being recorded by WNTZ-TV FOX 48 or
   agencies/persons in association with WNTZ-TV FOX 48 using your name and/or likeness before,
   during and after the contest must be signed in order to compete. A parental consent must also
   be signed in the case the contestant is under the age of eighteen (18) years old.
 Neither you nor any of your immediate family members (spouse, ex-spouse, parents, siblings,
   children, step-children) or members of your household (whether or not related to you) are
   current employees, directors, officers, independent contractors, agents, or representatives
   of Comcorp of Alexandria, Inc., Communications Corporation of America, Cenla Broadcasting,
   Hixson Ford, Five Star Furniture, Alexandria Mall, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Digital Media,, FremantleMedia North America Inc., 19 TV Ltd., or their respective parents,
   subsidiaries or affiliated companies, or any of their respective licensees, successors or assigns,
   or any other person or entity connected with the production, administration or judging of the
   local auditions, Program auditions or the Program itself; any television station or channel, cable
   network, or satellite network that may air or otherwise exhibit the Program or any variation
   thereof; any person or entity involved in the development, production, distribution, or other
   exploitation of the Program or any variation thereof; any sponsor of the Program or its or their
   advertising agency; or any person or entity supplying services or prizes to the Program. In
   addition, to the best of your knowledge, you do not know anyone who is now, or has been in the
   past two (2) years an employee or independent contractor of any of the entities described in this
   paragraph. Program Producer reserves the right to remove from the Program any person
   (including you) it determines, in its sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the Program or
   any of the entities described in this paragraph such that such person’s participation in the
   Program could create the appearance of impropriety.
 If a person is a member of a professional art union and/or is being represented by a talent agent,
   talent agency, an attorney, or a law firm as a professional or amateur talent, that person is
   deemed ineligible to compete.
 If a person has been convicted of or standing trial for a felony offense according to federal or
   state law, that person is deemed ineligible to compete.
 Subject to Approval of FremantleMedia North America Inc., you will only be guaranteed one
   audition in front of American Idol producer(s). If a guaranteed audition is granted upon your
   win of Cenla Idol and the Program’s approval, you will be judged under the criteria listed in
   the official American Idol rules and will not receive preferential treatment for callbacks.
   Decisions for callbacks are made solely by the Program producer(s). You will not be judged
   by American Idol Program judges for your first audition.

 In order to register for Cenla Idol, retrieve these official contest rules along with the official
   registration form through the following methods:
   • Pick up the forms at the following locations, and bring the completed form on the day of the
      o In Alexandria, at Five Star Furniture, 60 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, La. 71303
      o In Natchez, at FOX 48’s Natchez office, 26 Colonel John Pitchford Parkway, Natchez, Miss.
   • Go to FOX 48’s Website, Complete one of the two options:
      o Fill out the online registration form. The filled out form will be available for contestant to
        complete registration at the audition location on the audition day.
      o Print the attached PDF document, fill out the form, and bring the completed form to the
        audition location on the audition day.
 Bring your picture identification and registration form with you to the Open Audition at Five Star
   Furniture on Saturday, June 30, 2012.
 The registration period begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m.
 Auditions will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. There is no maximum number of starting participants
   for the open audition, but only those who register between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the
   audition day will be allowed to participate. Participants are allowed to audition only once.
 Be prepared to sing a song of your choice a cappella. Musical instruments will not be allowed
   during this portion of the contest. Song choices composed originally are allowed to be sung. You
   have up to 60 seconds to sing a song of your choice a cappella for the panel of judges. At the
   end of 60 seconds, your performance will be stopped, and the judges will rate their opinion of
   your performance up to that point.
 A panel of judges will score contestants based on various aspects of the audition including
   performing impression, vocals, stage performance, and song selection. Contestants will be
   scored by each judge up to 15 points in each category, for a total per judge of 60 points.
 The judges’ scores will be tallied by a member WNTZ-TV FOX 48, serving as contest accountant,
   and will serve as final determination for the selection of the final group of contestants to
   perform in the Finals Round (e.g., maximum top 10 contestants).
 If a tie occurs at the cutoff number for contestants selected for the Finals Round, three procedures
   are in place to break ties.
   • Among the performers tied, the combined Vocals score from the entire judges’ panel will be the
      first tie break.
   • If the first tie scenario is not broken, the combined Stage Performance score from the entire
      judges’ panel will be the second tie break.
   • If the first and second tie scenarios do not break the tie, the judges will vote to break the tie. The
      vote must be a majority.
 Contests will be disqualified for singing songs that are not deemed appropriate or family-friendly
   (e.g., offensive language, gratuitous sexual overtures, etc.).
 The top scoring performers will move on to the Finals Round to be held on Saturday, July 7, 2012,
   at the Alexandria Mall.

 The performers selected for the Finals Round are required to attend an in-studio on-air interview at
   the KQID-FM studio the week of July 2-6, 2012. Specific details and the time finalists will be
   on the air for the interview will be determined by KQID-FM.
 The date on which you interview on the radio will be determined after the performers for the Finals
   Round will be selected, and your interview time may be selected at random.
 There is no voting or judging for this action, but it is required for you to attend in order to
   participate in the Finals Round. We are highlighting you on the radio to be seen at the Finals
   Round, and it’s a chance for you to gain support from the community.

FINALS ROUND (Local Contest):
 The final performers will sing in front of judges and audience one full song to either prerecorded
   music, use of a musical instrument played by the performer, or a cappella at the Alexandria
   Mall on Saturday, July 7, 2012.
 The start time will be 12:00 p.m. Please arrive at Alexandria Mall no later than one hour prior to
   the start of the Finals Round. This is to assure our staff that there will be no technical
   issues during your performance.
 Finalists who are singing to prerecorded music will provide two copies of instrumental version of
   song on CD or CD-R to WNTZ-TV prior to event, labeled with your name and the song title
   (other details will be determined). No other songs should be placed on your CD or CD-R.
   Each one should contain only one track, the track you will sing.
 Use of musical instrument(s) (e.g., guitar, keyboard, drum set, etc.) during Finals Round is
   allowed. However, WNTZ-TV and event sponsors, partners, and venues are not responsible for
   providing instrument(s) or additional equipment to allow for musical instrument(s) to be used.
   WNTZ-TV will arrange for only two microphones along with sound system to amplify a person’s
   voice and to play prerecorded music tracks on CD or CD-R to accompany any contestant. You
   must have prior approval from WNTZ-TV management to be able to use your musical
   instrument(s). The decision will be based upon feasibility of the request and time necessary
   for contestant to set up to perform. Set up must be able to be completed prior to the start
   of the show to the point that there is minimum disruption to the flow of the Finals Round
   once it is underway.
 Finalists will compete in random order as determined by random selection by FOX 48
 The judges’ panel will score each act in the same manner as the audition round. The top scoring
   act will be the Grand Prize Winner.
 Previous scores from the audition will not be used in this round.
 Ties will be broken in the same manner as with the audition round.

GRAND PRIZE (First Place):
 For the winner and one guest (guest must be parent/guardian if winner is under the age of 18):
   • Transportation expense (via air travel or gas expense for personal vehicle) to and from an audition
      city for American Idol season 12 (choice of method of transportation and choice of
      audition city winner will attend will be determined by WNTZ-TV management)
      o WNTZ-TV’s choice to send winner to American Idol season 12’s audition city is New Orleans,
         La., from July 15-17, 2012.
   • A hotel room for three nights in selected city (location of hotel will also be determined by
      WNTZ-TV management)
      o Meals and incidentals (cab/shuttle fare, telephone charges, room service, parking, etc.) are the
        responsibility of the winner and his/her guest.
   • A guaranteed audition in front of producers of American Idol (the guarantee is subject to approval
      of FremantleMedia North America Inc.)
      o You are only guaranteed one audition in front of producers.
      o You will be judged under the criteria listed in the official American Idol rules and will not receive
         preferential treatment for callbacks. Decisions for callbacks are made solely by the
         Program producers.
      o You will not audition in front of the on-air judges for American Idol, or any potential on-air guest
         judge during this guaranteed audition.
      o Should you receive a callback, you and your guest are solely responsible for your travel and
         hotel arrangements.
 The total value of the prize package (transportation/hotel), when provided by WNTZ-TV, is valued at
   no greater than $1,000.00. Winner will receive an IRS 1099 Form for tax purposes for the prize
   value if it exceeds $600.00.
 No substitution of prize or transfer of prize for any reason will be permitted. Transfer of prize is only
   legally allowable when the winner is under the age of 18 (the parent or legal guardian will act
   as “official” contest winner and will assume all responsibilities for the grand prize package,
   with the exception of the guaranteed audition, including taxes).
 In the event FremantleMedia North America Inc. does not provide a guaranteed audition at the
   predetermined time of the Program’s audition, winner will still be awarded the remainder of the
   prize package indicated within this section. No substitution for withdrawal of the guaranteed
   audition by FremantleMedia can be made by WNTZ-TV management, since this portion of prize
   package is provided to the station as an incentive prize for the winner.

 Comcorp of Alexandria, Inc. (WNTZ-TV FOX 48), our parent company and affiliated stations, and
   the sponsors and partners for this contest are not responsible for and will be held harmless
   for injuries resulting from executing the prize package.
 You agree (and parent/guardian agrees if participant is under age 18) to WNTZ-TV and/or parent
   company and affiliated stations using your picture, video, voice, and/or likeness in
   publicity related to this contest or contesting publicity without expectation of recompense
   or payment of any kind.
 If the winner of FOX 48’s Cenla Idol is under the age of eighteen (18), a parent or legal guardian
   must accompany the winner to the American Idol auditions. That person will automatically
   be the winner’s guest as part of the prize package.
 Comcorp of Alexandria, Inc. (WNTZ-TV FOX 48), our parent company and affiliated stations, and
   the sponsors and partners for this contest are not responsible for and will be held harmless for
   cancellations or changes to the audition process or program schedule for American Idol.
 WNTZ-TV FOX 48 reserves the right to disqualify any person at any time before, during, or after
   the contest has been executed, who does not comply with any of the rules stated herein.
 Provided, if WNTZ-TV FOX 48 learns of a contestant’s misrepresentation after the prize has been
   awarded and/or utilized, the prize package will be officially forfeited. The winner must
   return the monetary value of the prize within ten (10) days of the notification, and/or
   be subject to legal action.
 The management of WNTZ-TV FOX 48 and the laws of the states of Louisiana and Mississippi
   (in proper jurisdiction) shall determine any and all rule disputes.
 These rules are subject to be changed at any time, without prior notification, by management of
   WNTZ-TV FOX 48, for any reason, or no reason at all.