“THE X FACTOR” Audition Pass Contest - History


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It's time to face the music.

It all began in 2009, when Simon Cowell, the infamous American Idol judge, said the ninth season of America's number one rated television show will be his last.  His new goal - to set out to discover new talent on his own show.

In comes The X Factor, his brainchild which has spawned sucess globally, especially Europe, where the likes of Leona Lewis was discovered.  It was time for Cowell to bring the show to the U.S.

In 2011, the search for the newest undiscovered talent began.  To make the stakes even higher and put Cowell's reputation on the line, he offered the winner, Melanie Amaro, a $5 million recording contract, along with a commercial to air during the Super Bowl™ for Pepsi™.  A commercial also aired of last year's winner, Tate Stevens, featuring his new music video.  This was never seen before in television!

Central Louisiana and the Miss-Lou soon realized there would be a new singing competition in the works.  FOX 48, with its success producing CENLA IDOL (associated with American Idol), took on the task to produce THE X FACTOR AUDITION PASS CONTEST.

With the network's blessing, FOX 48 began this newest competition to find new local talent.  The winner would receive a front-of-line guaranteed audition pass with the producers of The X Factor, along with travel and hotel accomodation, similar to CENLA IDOL.  However, there was a surprise around the corner.

Since travel was relatively close to the nearest audition city for The X Factor, FOX 48 was allowed to send four winning acts to compete.  The first-ever THE X FACTOR AUDITION PASS CONTEST saw some new faces as well as some old ones from Cenla Idol, competing for one of those four lucky spots.

After the audition and the sing-off Finale ended, two new faces, one former CENLA IDOL winner, and one multiple-time CENLA IDOL finalist teamed with a new partner, won their spots, and they had begun their opportunity to fulfill their dream for stardom.

The contest is back for its third consecutive year. Who will go to the audition in New Orleans for The X Factor?  The opportunity to find out who will win THE X FACTOR AUDITION PASS CONTEST is now.

The X Factor season three premieres Fall 2013!

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