Big trucks, big personalities and a lot of mud, make up Louisiana 'Mud People'

Image provided via WVLA-TV by MGN Online
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 12:06am

Combine big trucks, with fearless drivers, a lot of water and dirt, you get mud people. The show on the Travel Channel showcases some of our very own Louisiana natives!

Big tires, big engines and of course big personalities are what makes Justin and Magen "mud people"

"I never thought having a big truck and a stupid hat would lead me to a little television show but hey I am here for the ride," said Alexandria native, Justine Pepitone.

“We were really excited because it was something different something fun," said Ethel native, Magen Hall.

But lets get to the nit and gritty. What is mudding?

"When we go out there it’s a like a stress relief and your with your friends that have become your family and its just very fulfilling."

These massive trucks are designed to race through mud. They are also hand made, piece by piece.

"I chose these tires because they are not too big not too aggressive," said Magen.

“It's something you start building you say hey I am going to build a big tuck and you never stop your breaking something you fixing something," noted Pepitone.

So Justin and Magens trucks are more than just their hobby, it’s their life.

“Between keeping up one running and getting hers running, it takes up about 90 percent of my day," said Pepitone.

But Justin says-this is not just another show filmed in Louisiana, it’s much more.

“Everyone always sees the alligators and the swamps everything here in Louisiana. With our show, were showing something else. It’s something we do for fun that’s a little bit bigger and a little bit better.”

“I love it,” noted Hall. “It’s such a rush your in the truck you don’t know if your going to get stuck you don’t know if your trucks going to break. I mean it’s just awesome."

The episodes of 'Mud People' will air on the Travel Channel on December 4th..



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