Bonnie and Clyde hit downtown Baton Rouge

WVLA Staff
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 1:00am

Film crews with the mini series Bonnie and Clyde took over Third Street in Downtown Baton Rouge. People living and working in that area had to make some changes to their everyday routine, but they say it's worth it to share the street with the stars.

"It hasn't been too bad. It's exciting but the traffic is not usually to bad," Katie Boston, who works downtown, explained.

"I think it's cool to see my hometown in all the big movies now," Hunter Odom, who also works downtown, described.

Odom watched as film crews spent the day transforming Third St. into a scene from the early 1900's. Store fronts got new curtains, and electrical wires were popping up every where.

"It's going to be right outside is where all the filming is going to be so hopefully I'll get to see somebody cool, somebody famous," Odom said.

People living and working in the area couldn't park on the popular street Monday afternoon. Then when the camera rolled police stopped traffic for each take.

"I'll probably have to make some alternate routes but that's ok it's good exercise," Odom said.

Boston loves to see shows and movies film in the Capital City. She says the cast and crews help boost business.

"Oh definitely there is definitely more people downtown which already helps," Boston described.

The crew wraps up filming at midnight Tuesday.

You could also hear some gun shots in the downtown area, but there's nothing to worry about, it's all fake, and for the series.


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