Lil Boosie says his future is 'bright'

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 2:52am

Lil Boosie spoke out Monday thanking supporters family and fans at a press conference in New Orleans. Rapper Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, said he is working on more music and enjoying time with his family.

"I feel like i'm a better artist you know. I got more stories to tell. See my music is based off telling stories," He explained. "Now, I really got a lot of stories to tell about my life."

Boosie said he learned a lot in prison.

"I'm just a smarter person. I'm just a smarter person all the way around," He explained. "... Prison really woke me up to show me that I can't leave society again. "

Lil Boosie was at Louisiana State Penitentiary on drug charges. Then on Wednesday he got the news he had been waiting years to hear.

"I got in the bed at 6:00. They woke me up at 7:00 and said get your stuff you're going home. I woke up wiping my face. I thought I was dreaming at first for real. But, it was real and I went home," Boosie said.

Boosie said while he was away a lot of things have changed.

"I was surprised when I looked on my iphone and you could look at people and talk on the phone," he described.

He said one thing will stay the same.

"I'm still going to make quality street music, 'cuz' you know that's what I do. I just really tell stories," He said.

He explained he hasn't tweeted or instagramed, but he attributes social media for help gaining fans.

"I already had millions of fans. I feel like I got most fans because of social media. My name was always in something. I think a lot of people who didn't even buy cd's was like let me check out this dude," he said. "... I'm tired of hearing about this dude let me check out his records. And that's how I get them. if you listen to my music I'm going to get you."

He had this message for Baton Rouge fans.

"My fans in Baton Rouge you know all the time I'm going to keep making that music that keeps our city known nation wide," he said. "... We got talent down there too. "

He said he plans on continuing doing work in the community now that he's out of prison. He said he plans on restarting his give-a-ways this summer. He also said he is looking at creating programs to help children who's parents are incarcerated and battered women.

For now he plans on spending time in the studio and with his family.

"I can't see the future but I know it's bright. I can't tell it but it's bright. You know my music going to speak for itself," he exclaimed, "Nobody makes music like Boosie."

Boosie is out on probation. Lawyers for the rapper say he will be back in court Thursday for a routine hearing to talk about the logistics of his probation.



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