Renaissance era revived at LA RenFest

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 9:00pm

Head just about 45 miles east of Baton Rouge and you’ll find a small village dedicated to a time where jousting was all the talk, Shakespeare plays were top box office hits, and mead was the all time favorite beverage.

Every year, on weekends from November to early December, the Louisiana Renaissance Festival draws thousands of attendees from all over the state who come relish a very old yet pristine way of life. From plays to comedy skits, from duels to live music, there’s no shortage of fun.

Alvon Brumfield, a producer who’s been working with the event, emphasizes there’s something especially unique that makes LA RenFest so intriguing.

“When we survey the public to find out what they like the most, the most popular answer attendees refer to is the ambiance we create. People say it in different ways but it means the same thing, whether they mention the atmosphere, the friendliness, or just the whole vibe. We’ll hear people say they just like the way it feels out here," he explains.

“When one starts naming everything it means they like the everything. It’s the shows, the shopping, the food, the beer, the actors, the dresses, you name it!".

In recent years, the festival has grown increasingly popular, drawing visitors from others areas outside the state. It’s led to the expansion of more shows and services along with a demand for more educational content.

At LA RenFest, you’ll learn about crafts like candle making, cooking, glassmaking, juggling and a whole lot more. That’s not the mention a very interesting take on the all time classic, Robin Hood.

One of the most prominent things that stands out about the festival, however, is a staff fully dedicated to recreating the Renaissance vibe.

“Everyone that puts on the Louisiana Renaissance Festival is part of the 'Village of Albright' family. We’re professionals, part-timers and volunteers. We have some extremely creative artists and businesses that are very straight forward, and everything in-between. With so many interesting family members we simply love the fact that we never get bored,” comments Brumfield.

Besides the show activities, the festival grounds feature more than one hundred shops, offering things like handmade jewelry, clothes, furnishings, armor and more – something that would surely make for a unique gift just in time for the Christmas season.

While many attendees enjoy dressing up in their favorite Renaissance gear for the event, it’s not required. No matter how you attend, you’re sure to feel like you’ve just stepped into a very different magical time and place.

Louisiana Renaissance Festival runs every weekend, concluding on December 9, 2012. Click here for more information.


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