500 plus fight to protect right to bear arms at rally

Sunday, January 20, 2013 - 2:02am

The debate over gun control continued here in Louisiana Saturday.

More than 500 people carrying banners, flags and signs rallied against new gun control policies proposed by President Barack Obama.

"I would have to ask him does he not know what shall not be infringed means," Matthew Steeter, Gun rights supporter from Walker, explained. "It seems that he's not quite aware of what that is supposed to mean."

The Louisiana chapter of the grassroots group called "Guns Across America" organized a pro-second amendment rally near the state capitol.

"Just that they are not alone," Jason Wilbur, with Guns Across America said. "They are not alone in the feeling that our government is striping away our rights. There is fellow Americans that stand by them."

Mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut sparked the debate over what to do to end gun violence. Protestors say the president's plan including a ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 bullets won't cut back crime.

"The reason that bad things happen is because of the actions of bad people. The statistics are out there dangerous things abide," Streeter argued.

Gun rights supporters of all ages were on hand for the event. A letter from a small boy was read aloud at the rally saying: "My name is Kaden, and I am seven years old. Please Mr. Obama make our schools safe by letting people protect us at school."

Advocates echoed the message don't mess with the second amendment, because to them it means the right to bear arms isn't just for the military, and everyday American's shouldn't be forced to give up their guns.

Laura O'Hallloran, Livingston Parish Tea Party activist, told NBC33, "It's important that we keep government from encroaching on our natural rights. We want to push back and keep the government from interfering with our right to defense. "

Streeter agreed,"The second amendment is the one that makes all the others possible. Without the ability of the citizen of the every day man to be able to defend himself, not only from the burglars not only from the bad elements of society, the only check to the government is an armed citizenry."

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