Abortion bill passes through house committe with no opposition

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 1:43pm

At the Capitol Wednesday, a bill that would ultimately shut down abortion clinics in Louisiana passed through the house committee.

The bill had over four hours of testimony but in the end passed without any opposition. Representative Katrina Jackson calls it the “unsafe abortion protection act”.

It will require doctors who perform abortions certain requirements. Those who perform abortions must already have privileges in a hospital that has gynecologist or obstetric services.

Doctors and students spoke about the health risks at clinics and also others in opposition said this bill unconstitutionally restricts women their rights to an abortion.

"We have a history of people just using the emergency room as a physician but I say this and I’m going to wrap this up, yes if this becomes law we will make were effort to get hospital privileges but that will come at a cost to the patients,” said Woman’s Hospital employee, Sylvia Cockran.

Rep. Katrina Jackson says she’s happy with the outcome and hope it passes through.

"It was long overdue in Louisiana that we begin to protect the health of women in this area and that's what this bill does," said Rep. Jackson.

Rep. Jackson said that they are using Texas as an example for this bill, some clinics in Louisiana would be shut down if passed, all of which are in south Louisiana. This bill could be heard on the floor as early as next week.



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