April Fools' Day joke? Entergy advises 'pay now' over two cents

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 10:00am

Lots of people were victims of April Fools' pranks Monday. Abby Jones thought she might have been one of them when she opened up her electric bill.

Entergy said it wanted her two cents. Literally.

"Past due, pay now, two cents," Jones read on her statement. "In big, bold print, may I add."

Jones describes herself as a good customer who pays her electric bill on time. So she was a little nervous when her March bill arrived and claimed she was behind on her payments.

Then she noticed how much the company wanted from her. She read the bill and read it again, just to make sure. Then she started calling her friends so they could share in her laughter.

"I mean, who would send somebody a bill to pay now for two cents?" she asked.

Jones normally goes to a nearby Entergy Quick Pay Center to take care of her bill in person. Neither she, nor the clerk, noticed at the time that she was a couple cents short.

"I guess it was just a accident that it wasn't paid," she said.

When the bill came with its warning to pay up, she did not think it was a big deal. At the same time, she did not intend to learn the consequences of ignoring it.

"I know I'm gonna pay it to keep from being worried, but I don't know," she said. "I'm not gonna find out (what might happen) if I don't pay it, that's for sure."

So she asked a friend to go down to the payment center later in the morning and get it fixed.

"But the line was so long and he said he'd go back and try it later on," she stated. "And I know that was worth more than two cents in gas, high as gas is nowadays."

After her brief moment of stress, Jones was able to enjoy her personal April Fools' joke.

"It's hilarious," she said. "And I'm hoping somebody else will get a good laugh out of this, with all the tragedy in the world today. So maybe somebody will find a little humor in this with me."

A spokesperson for Entergy said the company does not comment on an individual's bill, but it will not turn off a customer's power over two cents.

Jones even got a call from a customer service manager from Entergy, just to make sure she knew not to be concerned.

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