Beating the battle: boy celebrates his last day of chemotherapy

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 11:17pm

Meet Jesse Lamberth. This little guy's a huge LSU fan.

"Geaux tigers!" Jesse exclaimed.

At only 8 years old, he's already a fighter. About a year ago, doctors found a tumor. It was cancer.

"This name we can't even pronounce. We've never heard of this before," Jarrod Lamberth, Jesse's father, said. "It must be really bad news."

Rhabdomyosarcoma, or RMS for short. It's a cancer of connective tissues. Jarrod said the hardest part wasn't just the fact that their little boy had cancer.

"Probably the scariest day for us was the day we found out there would be chemotherapy," Jarrod said. "As a person who hasn't dealt with cancer, you don't really know what that means."

And the side effects that usually come along with it.

"Not long after that we were referred here to St. Jude," Nell Lamberth, Jesse's mother, said.

They knew they were in good hands.

"There's so much good information," Jarrod said. "They take such good care of you. You say that this is okay and we can do this."

It wasn't easy, but Jesse's a trooper.

"He's just been great. He hasn't complained about not wanting to come every week," Nell explained. "There was never a 'Why do I have to go?' It's fun here. He thinks it's fun to come."

"It's a lot to take in for an 8-year-old, but Jesse took it in his own unique style of doing things," Jarrod said. "He's very trusting and very confident in what you tell him."

That's why everyone's gathered here.

"Because it's a No Mo' Chemo party!" Jesse exclaimed.

A party to celebrate a momentous day. Jesse's last day of chemotherapy.

"It's a great moment, but it's been a great journey too," Jarrod said.

"I thought I'd be more emotionally excited, but it's more just kind of 'wow'" Nell said.

Now that Jesse's getting better, his parents want to use his story to help other families.

"It's more just a feeling of thankfulness and gratefulness to be hopefully done for forever," Nell said.

"We want to come along side other parents and encourage them," Jarrod said. "We'd like the share the hope that we have and the joy we've experienced in this place with others."

Now that chemo is all done. Jesse will have a CT and a bone scan in two weeks to make sure everything is still clear. He'll still be monitored every couple of months after that.

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