Common Core protest draws big crowd

Sunday, September 29, 2013 - 12:00am

Education's headquarters in Baton Rouge held a protest today. The rally hosted by the Stop the Common Core Coalition of Louisiana featured educators, parents, and lawmakers who oppose common core.

"Common core is a federal intrusion into our schools, and our message here is to say we are not going to stand for federal intrusion into our schools. We want Louisiana out of common core," Wendy Sabathier, concerned parent, said.

According to the Common Core State Standards Initiative website common core is a set of education standards meant to give all students across the country on set of standards to help them succeed in college and their careers. The site list the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers developed common core.

Rally goers protest that the standards violate states and parents rights.

"It's totally taken away our parental control, it's taken away teachers control, school board control of what they are teaching in our schools," Dale Sabathier, concerned father, said.

Louisiana parents say they've started to see the common core methods hit their kids classrooms, and some parents are worried their kids could fall behind.

"They're (common core enthusiasts) saying it's more rigorous standards it's a new way of teaching math, but she's (my daughter) learning math she learned two years ago," Dale Sabathier described.

"We've actually started a new curriculum when he gets home at night he does a math program on the computer every single night to make sure that he's meeting the standards we used to have in Louisiana," Jamie Blanco, concerned mom, said.

Now parents are begging state leaders to stop common core here in Louisiana.

"I really feel like our children are guinea pigs for a curriculum that has not been proven on anyone. I don't want this to be implemented this year and taken out in two year from now and my children left in a gap," Blanco said.

According to the Louisiana Department of Education's website, the department plans on shifting all student's evaluation to be measured by common core standards by the 2014- 2015 school year.

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