Curbside recycling in Natchez begins July 31

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 3:35pm

Over the past two weeks, Waste Pro began handing out the new trash and recycling bins throughout Natchez.

On behalf of the Green Alliance and, the first curbside pick-up in Natchez will be on Wednesday, July 31.

The Natchez single stream curbside recycling program is designed to provide a convenient way for our community to implement recycling into their routine.

Weekly recycling pickup will begin on Wednesday, July 31, and will recur every Wednesday. Regular trash cans and/or plastic bags will not be picked up on the Wednesday recycling pickup schedule as workers will be trained to look for only blue recycling containers. It is important that the recyclables remain loose in the bin, not in plastic grocery or trash bags as they can contaminate the process.

The single stream recycling process is easy to implement into your daily routine. There are only a few rules that must be followed. 

  • Recycle Paper, Plastic, and Metal - Do NOT recycle glass
  • Do NOT recycle plastic bags (grocery bags, garbage bags, etc.)
  • Keep it clean - rinse your plastic/metal recyclables
  • Keep it dry – for paper to be recycled, it must stay dry

Let’s imagine you keep your trash can under your sink. Why not add another bin where you can place your recyclables? The best part is you do not have to sort the aluminum, plastic, or paper items it can all go in the same container. Just rinse the container and toss into the bin. When that bin is full, take it out and empty it loosely into the recycling bin, then when Wednesday rolls around place it on the curb. Collect your paper, magazines and cardboard separately throughout the week. If it is raining on Wednesday morning, put the paper in the recycling bin the following week.

Recycling the correct way is very important in order to ensure the program’s success and sustainability. If too many contaminants get into the recycling stream it could shut the program down completely because the mills that accept the various products will refuse to accept the contaminated loads.

For a complete list of recyclable materials, frequently asked questions, and updates please go to and their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Acceptable recyclables include:

  • Plastic #1 and #2, ONLY plastic bottles and jugs (food trays that have a #2 stamp should still go into the trash and not be included in the recycling). Caps are okay.
  • Metals; aluminum drink cans and steel food cans (please rinse and discard tops with your trash).
  • Paper and Cardboard; junk mail, old phone books, newspapers, magazines, office waste (shredded paper), cereal and cracker cartons, cardboard boxes (flattened). All paper should be kept dry.

If you have not received your bins yet, please contact WastePro. If you would like to order an additional 65 gallon trash can or 18 gallon recycling bin, contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall, after August 1. There is an additional cost of $75 for the trash bin and $25 for a recycling bin.
Waste Pro toll free, 1-855-838-6778, or visit and send them a message with your information and/or questions.

City Clerk’s Office: (601)445-7505- 124 South Pearl Street in Natchez.

If you live in the city of Vidalia and would like to receive a 35 gallon recycling bin, visit and click the’ WHEN’ button. You will then see a ‘Vidalia’ section with a link to a sign up page. In the coming days there will also be a telephone number available for recycling bin requests. 

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