Jindal vows to continue fight against teacher unions after court rules Act One unconstitutional, again.

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 12:57am

The Governor’s sweeping education agenda took another hit Wednesday, when a judge ruled that Act One of the 2012 legislative session or the teacher tenure law was unconstitutional.

"The time is now for them to stop fighting in court, work with us to improve student outcomes and that's really what this should be all about student and education reform should be about students getting a better education. It’s not about the adults in the classroom, it's about the kids," stated Jindal.

Governor Bobby Jindal said he will continue to fight to keep rules about teacher tenure on the books, despite, a second ruling that the 2012 law isn't legal.

"Our teachers are very confused. They’re not sure from one day to the next what conditions they'll be working under. In my book the teachers working conditions are the students learning conditions," said Louisiana Association of Educators President Debbie Meaux.

The governor is already vowing to go back to appeal the latest ruling. Meaux is convinced the fight over Act One could be back in the halls of the capitol again this session.

"The different pieces of act one will be placed in different bills and so we'll probably be fighting a lot of pieces of Act One yet again," explained Meaux.

The governor has also promised to find the money to continue to fund the state's voucher program. The funding source for the program was found unconstitutional during the last session and law makers were forced to find millions to fund it from other areas in the budget.

“We’re going to continue to fund the scholarship program, not only for the current students enrolled but for the anticipated growth as well. Last year we know there was more demand than supply so we're going to continue to support that program," said the governor.

The governor will unveil his budget in the coming weeks and the 2014 legislative session starts March 10.


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