Last minute storm supply shoppers hunt for essentials

Monday, August 27, 2012 - 10:37pm

Last minute shoppers and storm prep veterans a like stocked up Monday morning on must have supplies.

"I probably put it off for a while," said shopper Steven Dewitt. "I've got some things I need water and food things like that can goods. I figured I better stock up just to be safe."

Water, chainsaws, and generators are hot ticket items, but before you check out make sure you know how to use what you buy.

Christine Pocorello, with Cabela's says when it comes to buying generators there is a common misconception that one small generator can power a whole house.

"Most of your generators can power a room," said Pocorello. "When I say that I mean a small air conditioner and a TV. That way you can stay informed."

Some shoppers had to search multiple stores before they could find what they needed.

"The hottest commodity in Baton Rouge I've found, because this is my fourth place to visit, are d cell batteries and gas cans," said storm supply shopper Claudie Fanning.

Now Fanning says he's ready to ride out the storm.

"I think we are good," said Fanning. "If there is a long term outage of power that would be a challenge with no air condition. Everyone would be uncomfortable if there is no air condition. "

Pocorello says there is only a little time left to get your emergency gear.

"I know retail stores are going to try to stay open to till the last minute for you guys to get supplies, but if you can try to early today or even first thing in the morning," said Pocorello. "That's the best time."

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