LSU students react as they return to campus after bomb threat evacuation

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 10:07pm

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, students are starting to be let back in to residential housing. Everyone on LSU's campus was evacuated this morning after the LSU police received information from the parish 9-1-1 around 10:30 a.m. of a bomb threat on campus.

An hour later everyone on campus was told to evacuate and bomb sniffing dogs were then sent in to search. LSU students had mixed reactions when they heard the bomb scare. Some feel that it was a hoax. Others were scared, not knowing what was going on.

"I'm still worried because you never know," said LSU student Jeannie Scheffler.

Like many students, Scheffler didn't know what to think after she received a text message notifying here that there was a bomb threat and she needed to evacuate campus.

"I think it was just really confusing,” she explained. “Everyone in my class just sat there. Do we leave? Do we stay? Nobody knows whether to take it seriously, because I didn't.”

Many, however, knew exactly what to think.

"I thought it was fake," Debbie Osueke, LSU student, added.

After Oseuke heard about the bomb threat, she was planning on going back to sleep.

"I'm not worried because UT had a bomb threat and nothing happened,” she explained.

Then a friend convinced her it was better to leave.

“You can never be too safe.”

LSU students weren't the only ones taking precautions. University Lab school students Chris and Mercer Richardson were picked up by their parents. And like Scheffler, they were scared.

"We're worried that we can't get home," Mercer Richardson, said.

But for Osueke, it's just the latest unusual event on campus.

"It's always something here, isn't it?"

Officials have not said whether the investigation has yielded any results. However, multiple law enforcement agencies are participating in the investigation. State Police tell us that they are working to see if there is any connection between this threat and ones that occurred last week at other universities across the nation. 

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