New propsal could mean tuition increases for four year schools

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 11:13pm

A committee has decided to move forward with a proposal that could give schools like LSU the okay to decide their own tuition. The board of regents will have the final say on that proposal Thursday.

"In legislation now we have the ability to raise tuition up to 10 percent if they are successful with the grad act this will allow for additional tuition slightly above that we do anticipate the institutions raise tuition not much higher than that but it does allows them to nuance their tuition on other markets and really how far they are from their peers cause we all have to complete in the global workplace we need to proceed the services the same that people are getting in other states," says Jim Purcell, the Commissioner of Higher Education for the Board of Regents.

And this proposal would help schools like LSU who are way behind in the market. That means tuition at LSU is 35 percent lower than other universities in the south. Most of the students say they're afraid of what could happen if LSU gets control of setting tuition.

They told me it could hurt them and in the long run, the entire university.

Money is a sore subject for most people, especially students. With the rising cost of college, higher education is costing people more money out of pocket. And now students at LSU could face a tuition increase, and they don't seem too happy.

"Well if they up and decided to change the tuition or to increase the tuition, yes it would be really frustrating," says Chauncey Stephens, a freshman at LSU. Stephens says an increase would change everything for her. “That would be an additional fee that would be financially burdening."

And other students who rely on government funding worry about their future. “I would be against it like I said I am here on TOPS so that's one the major reasons I am able to come here so for me to pay out of my pocket it would be pretty difficult," says Robert Mitchell who is also a freshman at LSU.

And Chauncey thinks in the long run, the dynamic of the university would change as well. "I think we would loose diversity first of all because a lot of people rely on financial aid an scholarships to come to LSU but they still have to pay their way or pay part of their way but if the tuition continues to rise then they wont be able to afford to come here," says Stephens.

But students like Shelbi Adams say an increase wouldn't really matter. "Because we get to choose and also because of the education we receive here."

The proposal will head to the full board Thursday, then to the executive session in April, and at that time there will be a finalized legislative decision on the proposed change.

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