Together Louisiana hopes to encourage lawmakers to tackle debt problem starting with payday lending

Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 11:00pm

Hundreds of community and faith based organizations came together Friday as one to educate themselves just in time for the spring legislative session.

One of their topics of conversation was payday loans. Money is a constant struggle for many Americans and here in Louisiana we are no exception.

"What we found is that so many people are being adversely affected by pay day loans that it became very important to us and we became very passionate about it," said Together Louisiana leader, Dianne Hanley.

The organization Together Louisiana is a group aimed at educating themselves so they can talk with our law makers about what’s important to our people.

"Education is the key because the more you know about something the more you can involve and the more you can talk about it," said Together Louisiana leader, Edgar Cage.

Edgar Cage and Dianne are just two people involved in helping the residents in our state, especially with one major problem that's facing our whole population; debt.

“So we've spent the past year learning to understand that issue very well," noted Hanley.

It's a problem that they say people have been talking about more so than ever, which is why they decided to take action.

“We understand that there is a need sometimes when people get in a jam to take out a loan but that doesn't give the company a right o be predator,” said Cage.

So their goal is to present the issue with solutions to the legislatures, along with the other concerns Louisiana natives have today, to hopefully reach a common ground and start making a change.

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