ULL offers Ghost Hunting course

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 3:21pm

An interesting new course is being offered at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and it's Ghost Hunting 101.

It's a three-day course during July as a part of the continuing education program.

The instructor, Brad Duplechien, and his team Louisiana Spirits introduce students to hunting tools and what to look for as hunters.

The class even goes on a real investigation of a reportedly haunted location in Acadiana. Students collect evidence at the site and bring it back to the classroom for critique.

"It's like any type of hunting. You may sit out in the dark for hours and not catch anything, but then you finally get something and it kind of fuels you to keep going. It also educates people more that not every bump in the night and weird sound is necessarily a spirit or a ghost. it could be bad plumbing, loose floor boards in the ground," says Brad Duplechien, instructor of Ghost Hunting 101 and founder of Louisiana Spirits.

The group uses a more skeptical approach to their hunting, but Duplechien says out of the places they have hunted so far in Acadiana, The Bienvenue House in St. Martinville was the most active place.

For more information about the course you can go to www.laspirits.com or the continuing education website for UL.  

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