Voters are fed up with delay on Fiscal Cliff decision

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 1:15am

Just when it seemed as though an agreement would never be reached in Washington, a tentative agreement was struck with minutes to spare and passed in the Senate. But people in Baton Rouge say, they're taking this new deal with a grain of salt.

"I have mixed feelings about it. I am glad they finally have an agreement on something. But what I didn't hear was any kind of commitment about reducing spending, just increasing taxes," Dick Miller of Baton Rouge stated.

"They still haven't come to a complete conclusion some of the stuff was put off for another 2 months. But at least they can find some middle ground somewhere," Mike Rollins, another Baton Rouge resident said.

And while congress still can’t agree on a final negotiation, everyone we spoke to could agree on one thing, the Fiscal Cliff deal cut it too close for comfort.

"It's more of principal of it. They should really focus more on what's more important for the country, and not what they want for themselves," Rollins continued.

"For the deadline to come like this, they should have did it before Christmas, not at the end of the year. In November we could have come to something better than that," Rowland Dunn, a local electrician explained.

And while most say they're irritated and even ashamed it took lawmakers this long to find some middle ground, they're certainly not surprised.

"That's typical of Washington D.C. these things never get done in a reasonable amount of time," Miller said.

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