Second La. singer describes her golden ticket winning audition for “AMERICAN IDOL”

Friday, January 17, 2014 - 5:00am

Ethel native Megan Miller earned a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol Thursday night.

Miller said loves to sing. She grew up performing in talent competitions and competing in various beauty pageants. She said it was the key to gaining confidence, and helped her get closer to her dream becoming a country singer with “edge.”

“I just like entertainment and I love music. Any way that I can be a part of it that is my dream job,” Miller said.

Now she lives in Baton Rouge, so when American Idol auditions came to town last year, she decided to give it a try.

"I've always wanted to audition since I was younger. I've been singing a really long time. I saw American Idol as that great opportunity to have that easy access into the music industry," Miller said.

Last year, Miller got cut during Hollywood Week.

"The feeling that I had after I got sent home last year was someone broke my heart," Miller described.

Miller refused to give up. Determined, she auditioned again for the current season. "To be undeniable... that was my goal,” she said.

She got her chance to sing before the judges in Austin. "This year after working every single day thinking about this moment there was a lot more pressure on myself,” she said. “I put a lot more pressure on myself."

She described the moment before going into see to see the judges as nerve testing experience, but still exciting. “I was very excited. [I was] trying not to get nervous. Nerves can kill you. So you kind of just "woo-saa" and just try and remember all the things you've done all year to prepare for this,” she said.

Miller’s hard work paid off. The judges said yes.

"I sang and Keith (Urban) immediately said that's a yes for me. Jennifer (Lopez) said she liked the quality of my voice. I have a rasp when I sing. She said there is a cry in my voice she could listen to all day," Miller described.

She got some helpful tips from one of the judges that is from right here in Louisiana. Miller said, “Harry (Connick, Jr.) is great at giving critique and great at helping you be a better artist.”

Now Miller encourages anyone who thinks they've got what it takes to try out for the show to just, "go for it."

"No matter what you are doing in life take every single opportunity you can,” Miller explained, “Probability says that at least one thing is going to work out.”

If you want to find out what's next for Miller, you will have to wait till Hollywood week episodes air in February.

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