FOX 48 Updates

Best-selling author collaborates on creative workshop

Jim Clinton, President and CEO of Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance and creator of "Maker Mornings," along with special guest presenter Todd Henry, founder and CEO of Accidental Creative, invites the community to explore

WNTZ-TV begins new year under new ownership

WNTZ-TV FOX 48 has a new owner. Nexstar Broadcasting purchased WNTZ-TV from Communications Corporation of America.  The transaction was approved by the Federal Communications Commission and closed today, January 1, 2015.

Louisiana receives grant to prevent child sex trafficking

 Louisiana just got a big boost from the federal government this week to help prevent and investigate child trafficking.

La. GOHSEP wants you to prepare for winter weather

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) is asking residents to prepare themselves for the first dangerous winter weather of the season.

State Fire Marshal shares tips on staying warm while avoiding harm

As colder weather settles across Louisiana this week, the State Fire Marshal wishes to remind everyone that the improper use of heating equipment such as portable space heaters, is a leading cause of residential fire deaths.

National Weather Service radar gets a little TLC

 Chances are you've seen one on your way to an airport or along the interstate. It may look a lot like a giant golf ball, but it actually serves a very important purpose and this's getting a little 'TLC.'

Attend the Veterans' Memorial Tribute Service at Alexandria City Hall

A brief ceremony honoring veterans of all military branches will be held on Tuesday, November 11, at 2:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend. Retired Captain, Rick Moran, will be the guest speaker.

Outdated Louisiana law on "spitting AIDS" can cause someone to go to jail

 A lesser known Louisiana law passed in the late 1980's is stirring up controversy. The HIV Intentional Exposure law prohibits anyone infected with AIDS from knowingly spreading the disease. Makes sense right?

LSU PD says fans behaved, nothing out of the ordinary

Despite the Tigers loss to the Crimson Tide, fans came out in the masses to support them. And Polcie say they were surprisingly well behaved.

The Ebola outbreak through the eyes of a West African native

We've been watching the Ebola outbreak spread throughout Western Africa, and even here in our American citizens. But what is it like to be an African native....watching it all unfold from right here in the U.S.?