Child predators using technology to prey on victims

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 10:01pm

Most people would agree, child predators are one of the worst types of criminals, preying on innocent children. Sadly, they are also some of the hardest people to catch.

In this time of social media, mobile devices and even interactive video games, these predators have access to children 24 hours a day. It used to be that it was enough just to keep the family computer in the living room to keep an eye on kids, but now, with internet capable phones, kids are taking computers every where they go.

While the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office would love to catch every child predator that exists, they are realistic in knowing that will most likely never happen. They will continue to try, working with the Bossier City Marshal's Office to try to catch predators searching for children. And they do find quite a few by doing that, although not enough to satisfy themselves.

Since there is no way to keep children absolutely safe from predators, they urge parents to be proactive in keeping children safe. While it is a hard conversation to have, conversations about people looking to take advantage of children can be made age appropriate, even for young children.

The Sheriff's Office hopes that parents will explain the dangers of the internet and strangers to their children, opening the lines of communication in the hopes that if something does happen, children will feel comfortable coming to parents for help.

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