Cold weather affects mosquitoes; tips to keep insects at bay

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 5:52am

Livingston Parish Mosquito Abatement gives us an inside look in the life of these six legged creatures.

You may be familiar with the cold's effects on our bodies, our four legged friends, and maybe even their slightly larger cousins at the zoo or in the wild. But how do freezing temperatures affect the mosquitos that might bug you and your family?

"How does the cold affect you?" responded Livingston Parish Mosquito Abatement Director, Jeanine Tessmer. "You want to get warm. Mosquitoes are the same way. They don't have the internal mechanism like we do to keep our bodies at a constant temperature. They have to rely on the sun or the air around them to warm them up."

If they're not warm, they're not active.The cold doesn't kill off all the mosquitoes. Some adult forms are more vulnerable, but Mosquito Abatement's main target? Mosquito Larvae. "We can treat them in the water where they breed. they're hiding in places they can find to hide," she added. Hiding places include culverts in your driveway, tall grass, and standing water, just to name a few. The Cold snap came right in time for one mom. "Even though the cold weather is annoying in the South, it's good," said Anastasia Wilson, mother of a four-year-old. "At least we get a break from the mosquitoes. My daughter is actually allergic to mosquito bites, so she's very susceptible to staph infections when she's bit by mosquitoes."

Take note of a few tips that'll help keep the bug bites at bay. "If you've got low spots in your yard that will hold water, plants that have saucers underneath, get some sand. Fill in that low spot," said Director Tessmer. Wilson added, "Just make sure to dump your standing water so we can keep West Nile away and try to reduce the impact of the mosquito bites."

If you're taking part in outdoor activities, Mosquito Abatement says watch out for warmer temperatures, like those coming this weekend. Mosquitos will be more active.

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