'Crazy' ants taking over Louisiana

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 1:00am

If you see ants in your home, they may not be your usual ants. The newest species is taking over Louisiana. They are called "crazy ants."

Bobbie Coates said when she sees ants, she just kills them.

"If we find an ant bed, we kill it with ant killer. So we protect the area surrounding the area," Coates said.

However, for raspberry "crazy" ants, also known as tawny ants, getting rid of them is not that simple.

Laura Simpson is the president of Dugas Pest Control in Baton Rouge. She said crazy ants are different from your typical fire ants. They don't build mounds, but colonize underground.

"They come in enormous numbers. They will actually blanket a whole yard, a whole area of your house," Simpson said. "They're completely underground and very hard to detect where I'm coming from. They do not bite. They do not sting. So the only threat to humans is just the impact of their numbers that's kind of the 'ick' factor and contamination of food if they get into your pantry."

Even though they do not bite, they can tear through electrical wires. Simpson said over the past six months, they have received more and more calls about these ants. If you have an ant infestation problem, you need professional help.

"Because you are not going to be able to handle them on your own. The professionals have a hard enough time even with their knowledge and the specialty products because they're a new ants," Simpson said. "We don't have a silver bullet on how to get rid of it."

Simpson said these crazy ants are attracted to moisture. So make sure you don't have any faucets dripping, and that should help keep them away.

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