ExxonMobil wants to increase percentage of female engineers

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 5:00am

Reports suggest that women typically don't pursue careers related to math and science. ExxonMobil wants to change that.

Dozens of students visited its refinery in Baton Rouge on Monday, Feb. 18 for the 9th edition of "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day." The young ladies came from a few local middle and high schools, and spent the day partnered with Exxon engineers.

The goal of the event is to show female students the types of jobs that are available, and prove that engineering is exciting.

“And that's the good thing about this program, it really shows them that what you learn in school you can use in real world things, and that's the cool part about being an engineer or being a scientist," Jennifer Montgomery, ExxonMobile, said.

Exxon says females make up only 14 percent of America's engineers, and just 27 percent of the workers in the math and computer science industries.


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