Legalize Louisiana stirs marijuana discussion

Friday, January 3, 2014 - 4:46am

"Weed, marijuana, cannabis, hemp, plant," said supporters. Whichever name you use, marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado.

Its a move that has some on board "I applaud the State of Colorado for recognizing the will of the voters," said Donna Southern. Others are shaking their heads. "I see it as a progression of things that are going to start to happen around and things might get worse if it's legalized in other States," said Brittany Cachola.

A recent Canadian study showed that marijuana was a factor in nearly 50,000 road accidents, but not everyone says the green stuff is a bad thing. Enter Legalize Louisiana. Their purpose is to rally, teach, and are working to bring their ideas to lawmakers. "We just want people to really understand it look at the need at the necessity with cancer-prostate breast lung," said Patrick Quinones.

The controversial conversation drew a crowd at a nearby gas station. That's where we met Steve Southern who agrees with medicinal benefits first hand. "I used to be a long time user until i got arrested two years ago. I've been worse off than i've ever been." Others say marijuana can help, but it needs to be regulated.

"Louisiana marijuana tax. the internal revenue department, you can get these for $3.50 a gram." We decided to research, and sure enough, it's called the marijuana and controlled dangerous substance tax. It was passed in 1990, requiring sellers to pay up a three dollar and fifty cent tax per gram.

But despite the finding, some Louisianians say that Marijuana has no place in the state. 

"Would you want your children to use this all the time? Would you want them to be involved in this," said Cachola. "Would you want them to be involved in a crime or a victim of a crime?"

Quinones said, "Legalize marijuana has steps and procedures we will be making change."

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