Powdered alcohol sparks conversations across country: locals say it's a good idea

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 11:29pm

You've heard of powdered drinks before like juice or even milk but what about alcohol?

It’s called ‘Palcohol’ and it’s simply that, powdered alcohol. Monday, a federal agency gave the thumbs up. But Tuesday, we found out there will be a bit of a delay because of labeling issues.
Still, this is something that could be hitting our shelves in no time. So we wanted to know, what do you think about it?

Just add water, stir and there you go. It is an instant cocktail.

"It sounds kind of strange,” said Calandros’s Supermarket employee, Ben Jones.

It might seem strange to some people but others say it sounds like an instant hit.

"If it’s new, people will try it people like to try new stuff."

According to the ‘Palcohol’ website the product would come in a few popular flavors, cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita and lemon drop.

"It sounds like a good idea initially but could turn into something that may not be a good idea," said local consumer, Alexis Spragg.

A problem would possibly be that the product could land in the wrong hands.

“It makes hem easier for kids to grab them too and you can mistake it for kool-aid or crystal light or something,” noted Jones.

“If they are snorting it or putting it on something I feel they would do as much as they could as fast as they could to get the biggest high,” said local, Lindset Holstein.

Liquor store employees say it would just be another product they will have to keep a close eye on

“I feel like if it’s in a little powder packet it’s probably easy to steal too.”

But the whole premise is convenience, and that's what the inventors seem to be focusing on.

“People are always looking for stuff to bring to the game that they can just stick in their pocket and walk around with it,” said Jones.”Usually if you’re walking around campus for a long time you don’t want to be carrying a bunch of stuff with you.”

So with anything new, there will always be controversy, but for those potential consumers, the sky really is the limit.

I think it would be popular I can see that. On their website, the makers of ‘Palcohol’ say they're experimenting with adding it to food. They also warn not to snort the powder, saying "it's not a responsible or smart way to use the product. If the government gives final approval, states still have to sign off before it can be sold and it will have the same restrictions as liquid alcohol.


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