State Police are making sure drivers buckle up; 2013 Click It or Ticket campaign

NBC33 Staff
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 10:45pm

Over 100 police agencies are patrolling Louisiana's streets to make sure you buckle up.

Mike Edmonson, State Police Colonel, said he knows the importance of wearing a seatbelt firsthand because it saved his life.

"I simply fell asleep. I hit the concrete wall at 50 miles per hour. I went from 50 to zero," Edmonson said. "I've got the results on my chest where the seat belt dug into it. I would not be alive without that seatbelt."

Over half of the people killed in Louisiana traffic crashes are not buckled up.

"You can be ejected out of it. You can be thrown," Edmonson said. "You can be stuck somewhere in the car where you can't get yourself out of it."

More drivers are buckling up now than ever before said police.

"We going to continue to drive this message and make it a priority for those on the roadway," Edmonson said. "I just think it's the safest things we can do."

John LeBlanc, executive director of Louisiana Highway Safety Commission said even though they are seeing improvements, there is still work to do.

"The campaign includes the upcoming three day Memorial holiday. Last year during this same time period, unfortunately, 12 people were killed in Louisiana," LeBlanc said. "We hope that because of our efforts this year, we can reduce that number to zero."

Police agencies will have extra patrals just looking for seatbelt violations for the next few weeks.

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