Tulane using social media to show its students are safe

Tulane University
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 5:50pm

Tulane University's fall semester commenced last week.  However, students old and new had an unwelcome visitor on campus yesterday, Hurricane Isaac.

Scott Cowen, president of the university, has used social media to provide to nervous family members globally their children are safe.

Tweets from his Twitter account, #TulaneScott, "A supremely talented group of Tulane students making the most of sheltering in place", and "Leaving for another campus walk through. Will tweet along the way", gave vital information throughout the duration of Isaac.

Photos from social site yfrog showed the visuals along with the messages. One picture, www.yfrog.com/odg23xdj, shows that the cleanup has already begun on campus.

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