When buying used, make sure it wasn’t flooded

Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 12:45am

With thousands of cars damaged by hurricanes, like Katrina and Sandy, he says consumers need to look out for tricks some insurance companies play to try and sell these vehicles anyway.

"Well, the car gets totaled insurance companies want to get rid of the cars so many cases they'll ship them to Mexico to get them restored, new titles," Eric Lane, Vice President at Gerry Lane Enterprises, said.

So, here's what consumers can do to make sure they don't fall victim:

  1. Look of vehicles that have upholstery replaced.
  2. Check for fogging inside head or tail lights.
  3. Check for musty or moldy odors.
  4. Make sure there's no discoloration on seats, seat belts and door panels.
  5. Check the engine for any hidden dirt buildup.
  6. Make sure you get a detailed vehicle history report especially if the car has out of state tags.

If you follow these steps you’ll lessen the chances that you get a nasty surprise when you start up your car.

"It hurts people. That's what I hate to see. Somebody pay $15,000 for the car that's worth $5,000 because it's been totaled. I hate to see people who can't depend on the car because it breaks down on the interstate and it's starting to rust out and the floor boards are falling down. That's what I hate to see,” states Lane.


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