Will your wait for the iPhone 5 be worth it?

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 4:39am

Will upgrading to a new version of the iPhone, when an official announcement is made, be worth the wait? 

Before you save that money to buy the iPhone 5, think about what new features that it is suspected to have, along with the design of the phone.  Will it serve your daily purpose?  How long will you have to wait for it to be released to the public?

Since most Android phones have larger screens than the current iPhones on the market, expect a design upgrade.  Rumors are abound that Apple will increase its size by one-half inch, to a four inch screen. 

Also, there may be a more durable back plate that will withstand slips and drops.  Apple has also filed patents involving carbon fiber, which could also provide more strength to the phone's chasis.  Apple filed a patent to inject color into the resinous carbon fiber.  Other rumors suggest a metal back may be the ultimate decision.

Rumor site iLounge also predicts a 20% thinner iPhone 5, decreasing from the 9.3mm iPhone 4S to a sleeker 7.4mm.  This may result in a smaller docking connector, which will change peripheral connections to speakers, chargers, and other add-ons.

Including mega-fast LTE data connections will be almost a certainty with the new iPhone, as it was included in the new iPad.  An even faster processor with a gig of RAM in the new iPhone could be a possibility.  This could potentially cause batteries to drain quicker, so a more efficient battery may also be in the planning.

Last year's late release of the iPhone 4S in October has lead to rumors that October may once again be the launch date for the newest iPhone.  This may be due to the launch of IOS 6, the iPhone operating system (which is expected to be on the next iPhone), has not yet been released to developers.

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Good at least now they are going for a better battery life, because more faster the processor less is the battery life!!
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