Gargantuan gator caught in North Carolina after eating 80-pound dog

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 11:15pm

A massive alligator which attacked and devoured an 80-pound dog in a North Carolina town near the New River has been captured and killed.

The attack took place about dusk Tuesday evening. A woman was walking an 80-pound Husky without a leash along Jacksonville's River Street, when the dog ran to the edge of the water at Mill Creek Green and was attacked by the alligator.

The gator may have believed the dog was one of the many ducks, its natural prey, which swim in the area. The woman, uninjured by the sudden attack, called authorities for assistance.

Wednesday morning, authorities from the North Carolina Wildlife Commission were called and were able to locate the alligator upstream.  

North Carolina Wildlife determined that it was not safe to relocate the alligator as had been considered due to public safety, the proximity of a high-density neighborhood and park, its large size and temperment. The gator was eventually shot three times, with assistance from Jacksonville police, and sunk in the water.

The body of the gator resurfaced and was recovered with the remains of the dog still inside its mouth. Reports say the gator is at least 12 feet tall and weighs over 500 pounds. According to the Jacksonville Police Department's Facebook page, Onslow County officials asked for the body to be put on display.

Officials are using the incident to ask residents to not feed wild animals, including alligators and ducks who inhabit the New River and its watershed creeks, after the attack.


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