Goodell has Saints bounty scandal apology letter written for him - if he wants to use it

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 12:15am

Is an apology letter in the works to the New Orleans Saints fans from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? One man already has one written if Goodell wants it.

Bill Randall, who writes for the Washington Times already has a two-page template ready to go if Goodell would want to issue an apology to the Who Dat nation.

In the letter, Randall - acting as Goodell - apologizes to all coaches, managers and players involved in the scandal. He also went on to say he's sorry to the city of New Orleans, who will be hosting the Super Bowl in just a few weeks.

Fans, of course, are not exactly holding their breath waiting on Goodell.

"I think the fans of the New Orleans Saints deserve an apology because we had the chance to play in the Super Bowl at home,” stated fan Terry Dorsey. “He (Goodell) is a stubborn person, and he is going to stick to his guns."

Dorsey tells NBC33 he thinks the whole bounty investigation cost the Saints a Super Bowl, but he's staying optimistic in saying they'll be back in contention next year.

To read the entire two-page letter, click here.  


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