Louisiana man wants fans to 'Step Up' and help Brees reach contract agreement

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 2:50am

Tony Le Mon makes a living as an attorney. But his actions away from his day job prove he's a diehard Saints fan.

Le Mon's created a website allowing the Who Dat nation to donate money that could help bridge the gap on a long term contract between quarterback Brees and the New Orleans Saints front office.

“It wasn't so much the money part of it. It was about sending a message to Drew Brees his agent and the Saints administration that we rogue fans are stepping up and saying get the deal done. This is our way of doing it,” Le Mon said

So far his site has been a hit, ESPN and Sports Illustrated have both inquired and fans of Brees have voiced their opinion too.

“Majority fans have been supportive in saying thank you for doing this and letting us express our level of frustration. Your site is allowing us to do that.”

Regardless if the donations make a difference in keeping Brees in New Orleans, Le Mon hopes it helps the two sides realize the potential biggest loser in the equation.

“What about us fans? We are the ones who have a lot to lose here. We are the ones who pay their dollars and pay to go to games. We are being overlooked here,” Le Mon said.

If you want to get involved visit http://www.fansstepup.com. 


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