SU excited about SWAC championship victory; 10 years since last win

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 11:01pm

The SWAC trophy is back on the bluff. The Southern jaguars took down the Jackson State tigers 34 to 27 Saturday in Reliant stadium.

When asked about the atmosphere at the game, Justin Patterson said "The whole school was excited." "[We are] excited about it, added senior, Levester Hughes. "Amazing,"said freshman, Darryl Honore. "It was a nervewracking, but exciting game," said Chancellor of Southern University Baton Rouge, James Llorens.

Faculty and student jags alike, agree that Southern's win against Jackson state was something to be excited about. And After ten years since a SWAC Championship win, Patterson said, "yeah, it's about time, yeah."

Chancellor at Southern University says the win comes at a good time too "past several years of budget cuts, budget reductions, serious financial difficulties, it's a testament to the fact that we've survived! We've turned things around, we've done well in both academics and athletics and this just gives them something to build on.

From seasoned students..."Its my senior year, i'm getting ready to graduate knowing that Southern won SWAC my senior year," said Hughes.
To first timers like Honore, "I'm a freshman, it's my first time going to a SWAC game, the atmosphere was amazing.
Jags say they're pretty proud of the double overtime win.
"SWAC, S-W-A-C really stands for Southern wins another championship," said Chancellor Llorens. "But they're a great group of athletes, great group of students and coaching staff."

And when they won..."It was a blast to see Jackson State's faces. It was dead silence, and then finally, when we saw the ref put his hands up in the air to signal a touchdown, the stadium went live," said Honore. Hughes added, "It's a moment that I can relive and tell my kids about later."

The jags ended their season on a five game winning streak.



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