Top NFL prospect announces he's gay; athletes, coaches respond

Marcus Qwertyus/Wikimedia via MGN Online
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 5:42pm

It's a game changer for the USA's most popular sport, "I'm a college graduate, I'm African American, and I'm gay," said NFL prospect, Michael Sam.

University of Missouri defensive lineman and NFL draft prospectMichael Sam could be the first openly gay player in the entire league, if drafted. One coach we spoke with supports him. "By him being gay, it's not going to stop him from knocking your head off," said Director of Campus Recreation at Southern University, Coach Melvin Robinson. "The boy said 'I can help you win games, win championships;' that's why he's there."

Some athletes agree. "Everybody's going to have their own say so, but as long as he produces on the field, he's good," said athlete, C.J. Henderson.

"Homosexuality, or heterosexuality, or whatever 'ality' is probably not the best thing to be focusing on," added athlete and internationally recognized dancer and instructor, Kyle Kahn. He's one athlete in particular who calls himself quote open minded.

"As an athlete, playing soccer, I've played baseball, now professional dancer, these sports take mind and body," said Kahn. "We don't want an athlete out there pretending to be something he's not. It's going to affect his performance on the field."

But not everyone feels the same way, with people speaking out on social media with some calling his stance "disgusting" among many
other things.

"As far as the psychological aspect, like nobody ever knew of a gayplayer playing on the league, and they're going to think other of him and his mentality on the field," added athlete, Jesten Robertson. "On his first game the eyes are going to be on him and how he plays--what roles he'll take on the team." "Is he going to be a good person to add to the team, is he going to give back to the community, not what he's doing in the bedroom," mentioned Kahn.

Despite the naysayers, his fans applaud him.

"We wanted to express our freedoms and be unjudged. and that's exactly what we should do for him," said Kahn. And simply put by Coach Robinson, "This man is a football player. Let him play football."

Sam is expected to be drafted in the upcoming NFL draft in May.


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