The voice behind LSU's Mike VI

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 2:30am

We all know about LSU's strong points. What you may not know is that LSU's live mascot has his own Facebook page.

Mike VI is gaining a lot of attention on social media. Although we cannot reveal the identity of the person behind Mike VI’s social voice, we had a chance to speak with that person.

She says, "Mike's Facebook page actually started by accident."

And now the iconic tiger has over 30 thousand fans on Facebook alone. It all started as a challenge of sorts.

"When Texas A & M joined the Southeastern Conference, Mike went to Reveille's page, Reveille at A & M has a page to welcome her and it was noted that she had more fans than he did."

So a call to LSU students went out to help change it. And they responded.

"In about two hours, he gained about two thousand fans," said Mike VI’s social voice.

Now the mastermind behind his page, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a fun task updating his page daily.

But first, the biggest assignment is to learn more about Mike. And who better to ask than his veterinarian, Dr. David Baker.

"Mike has a great personality,” Baker said. “He's very interactive, very affectionate, very confident."

And here are a few of his favorite things: "He does like to swim in his pool. He likes dinnertime as well.”

And most importantly: "He's a cat. Cats sleep a lot."

But his fans top the list...especially when they pay him a visit.

"One of the big things that I did before I actually started coming to LSU was I actually went and visited the Tiger, and it got me ready to come here and be a fighting tiger," said Dustin Dampier, an LSU student.

Jake Higginbotham says Mike's fan base brings more than just entertainment to campus.

"Having a lot of fans that appreciate it and show their appreciation of it, it really shows that LSU is united with each other and that we support everything that we do," said Higginbotham.

So the next time you visit LSU’s campus, be sure to pay Mike VI a visit, and be sure to like his Facebook page.

"I really like to see lots of LSU gear, lots of LSU shirts. Everybody just being happy and supporting the University," said Mike.

One more thing you'll want to keep in mind is mike's favorite quote:

"Geaux Tigers!"

"Geaux Tigers!"  


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