Emergency kit could help stranded drivers

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 2:51am

When wintry weather ripped through the South, some Atlanta drivers got stuck on the roadways for hours on end. In Louisiana that wasn’t the case. Here in Louisiana whether it’s a winter storm, a hurricane evacuation, or any other disaster event a, Mike Steele, spokesman for GOHSEP, said it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car and a game plan in case you get stuck on the road.

“There maybe man made emergencies or other weather related emergencies you face so it’s good to have a game plan in place so that your ready to deal with anything,” Steele said.

Steele says a basic car to go kit here in Louisiana should include things you would need to make it through extended periods of time in the car.

He suggest including things like a flashlight, batteries, roadside flairs, an emergency flag, food, water, emergency road flairs, and medicine.

He said you should also know the health of your car, before hitting the road.

"A two hour drive can easily turn into a five or six hour drive at times [during a disaster event], so you need to know the working conditions of your car. Make sure you know the fuel situation with your car ahead of time," Steele explained.

Steele recommends drivers should keep your cell phone with you and phone chargers in your car just in case you get stuck.

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