Louisiana homeowners react to flood insurance bill heading to Senate

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 1:30am

The House of Representatives voted to pass the "Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act" Tuesday night.

Now, homeowners are speaking out about the new law that could save people in our state thousands.

This bill now heading to the senate will remove some unexpected consequences of a 2012 law intended to help the national flood insurance program get out of debt.

Whether they've experienced a flood or have not, the feeling that Louisiana residents have seems to be mutual.

“It was ridiculous because we pay a lot of insurance as it is along with everything else,” says Louisiana resident Barbara Guhen.

“I am retired and hat’s a chunk to take just for flood insurance and I have never flooded," said south Louisiana homeowner, Wyonna Young.

Homeowners in Louisiana know what flooding is like and what damage it can do to not only their homes, but recently their wallets.

“You get to a point where you wonder if you will ever be able to sell your house if you want to move," noted Young.

Now a relief bill could give thousands of Louisiana residents a little break.

“i think it’s wonderful and I really appreciate it,” noted Guhen. “I think its a great thing."

Congressman Bill Cassidy is one of the lawmakers behind it this bill and he says this is a big deal for our residents.

“It’s a sustainable cap opposed to the current law which is unsustainable,” said Cassidy. “I mean people just cant afford 30 thousand a year."

Residents tell us insurance is crucial in South Louisiana because anything can happen.

“It doesn't matter because you never know where the water is going to land. As they correct problems in one place the problems land in other places."

Residents have come to the realization we live where the water flows and now this new law could change everything for them.

“You shouldn't have to give up your home,” said Young. “I don’t know where else you would live because all of Louisiana floods.”

"I am very pleased to get this is not the last step this is the next step," stated Congressman Cassidy.

The law would cap the premium increases at 18 percent compared to the former increases of almost 25 percent.

No word when the senate will vote on the bill but Congressman Bill Cassidy is optimistic.


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