Red Cross offers help to people trying to find family affected by typhoon

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 1:19am

Four days after Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of the Philippines the American Red Cross is doing it's part to help assess the damage there. Here at home local chapters are helping to reconnect families who have loved ones still missing.

"Reach out try and make those links with your family if you can. talk with your friends and family here. Stay very open with that. Be gentle with yourself as you deal with your emotions," Nancy Malone, spokeswoman for the South Louisiana Region of the American Red Cross, said.

Delma Ynoc lives in Lafayette, but since a typhoon hit her home town the only way she can to talk to her family in the Philippines is through Facebook. She has to message her niece in Manila. Then her niece has to connect with Delma's mom and family who near the coastal city of San Remigio, in the province of Cebu. It's one of the many of area's devastated by the typhoon in the Central Philippines.

Every time Ynoc tries to call her family near San Remigio she can't get through.

"This morning I've already tried to get a hold of them three times no luck," Ynoc said.

Ynoc's families homes were destroyed, and from what she's learned they have no resources left. Ynoc said the worst part for her is being so far from home.

"I can't help them right now," Ynoc said. "Knowing they don't have any food running water no electricity they are living in a make shift shack."

Nancy Malone, said communication in many of the hardest hit areas of the Philippines are limited, and it could be very hard for families to get in touch with loved ones.

"It's so difficult after a disaster especially if you have a personal connection to that area to see what's going on and to not have that," Malone said.

Now Malone said the American Red Cross wants to help. She explained if you are having trouble finding loved ones affected by the typhoon in the Philippines contact your local chapter of the Red Cross.

"If you are going through those efforts please call us here," She said. "We have international tracing services that we can also implement so call us at the local chapter."

Ynoc hopes help of food and other supplies get to her family soon, and the she can soon hear her families voices again.

"I would tell them that I love them, and I can't wait to see them possibly very soon," Ynoc said.

People who want to donate to the American Red Cross to support the response for the Pacific Typhoon can go to or call 1-800-REDCROSS.

In the Baton Rouge area you can contact the Louisiana Capital Area Red Cross chapter for help finding family members at (225) 291-4533.

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